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Find the medication you need at NAS Pharmacy and Wellness. Our experts will prepare your prescriptions quickly and provide answers to your questions. Contact us for assistance with generic or OTC medicine.

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Get Semaglutide 

Our Experts



Bringing professionalism and a smile that is out of this world to our team, our Pharmacy Mascot, capsuli is a valuable member of NAS Pharmacy and Wellness.



Known for experience and trustworthiness, our Pharmacy Technician, Jenica, adds a fun element to our team. She is an excellent compounding Tech with years of experience. 

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With Abdul's  expertise and experience, our Pharmacist ensures smooth operations at NAS Pharmacy and Wellness. Abdul is certified Compounding expert with 10 years of experience in pharmacy and wellness. Abdul is easly accessable with only one phone call a way. 

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